Why IspaniaDom?

Your Real Estate personal shopper

IspaniaDom is not a conventional real estate agency. We don’t offer properties ordered in a data base, in which you would not probably find what you are looking for. Our clients are demanding investors, who want to find exactly what they are looking for or need, who want to make a good investment and who want to enjoy comfortably their new property without wasting needlessly their money or warring about anything. 

For these clients IspaniaDom offer a whole series of advantages versus the con-ventional real estate agencies: 

  • Previous advice: you will get our previous suggestions and recommen-dations in the case you don’t have still clear the type of property you want and the zone where acquiring it. 
  • Time saving: with us you will not have to miss among tens of agencies and web pages to find the property you search, and you will not need to contact with numerous owners or offices, and you will not make unnecessary trips, etc. We’ll do the searching for you, consulting the entire Spanish real estate supply, and we’ll select the properties most appro-priate for your expectations and interests. 
  • Grater guarantee: IspaniaDom will work always in defense of buyer interests, which is our exclusive client. We will never be linked to the seller interests or the achievement of some established business objectives, something very common in conventional real estate agencies. 
  • Money saving: IspaniaDom will negotiate with the seller part in order to obtain the best price and the most advantageous conditions for you. 
  • Lower risks: IspaniaDom will make sure that the property finally chosen by you has all the legal, constructive and registration guarantees, in order to avoid you troubles, problems and unpleasant surprises. 
  • More tranquility: with IspaniaDom you will have a complete, professional and personalized service, advising and accompanying you along all the buy-sale process, from the first ideas or projects until the property is yours and ready to enjoy it. 
  • Greater openness: we’ll inform you from the beginning about all the expenses associated to the process, like the price of the property, taxes, notary, supplies, possible reforms, our fees, etc. 
  • For our planet: IspaniaDom will always engaged to ensure the safeguard of nature, in particular of coastal environment, initiative that can be rarely seen in this business field, but we think it is perfectly compatible with real estate activity.

You only tell us what you want and leave the rest in our hands. That simple. 

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