Your Real Estate personal shopper

For a small percentage of the acquisition price of the property, IspaniaDom offer you a wide range of personalized and exclusive services, with the purpose that all the process take place with maximum guarantees and minimum inconvenience for you: 

  • Initial meeting to know first-hand your likes, preferences, expectations, the type of property you are looking for, the zone, your budget and all other data you want to tell us in order to help you to get the home of your dreams. If you are not clear about these points from the beginning, don’t worry, we’ll advice you and make our own suggestions. 
  • The preceding meeting will take place without any commitment from you, but if you decide to hire our services, you must sign a contract of Personal Shopper Inmobiliario (PSI), where must be specified the searching characteristics, the hired services, the IspaniaDom fees, the method of payment and how many stipulations are considered relevant. 
  • Active searching of the best properties for you, among the wide Spanish real estate supply, selecting and visiting the ones that better suit your needs, desires and budget. Our geographical scope of action span over all Spanish territory, independently of your initial budget. 
  • Sending a complete graphic and personalized dossier in which are described in detail at least 3 properties that IspaniaDom has preselected for you, including climatic and geographical data, complete description of distribution, qualities, plans, photos, etc. 
  • Accompaniment during the trip to visit the properties chosen by you, including airport reception, transfers airport-hotel and advise and transfers to the properties. If you want, for a reasonable extra price, we can provide you all the requirements and facilities for this trip (visas, flights, rental car, accommodation, English speaker guide, etc.). 
  • Complete technical inspection of the final property chosen by you, in order to know if there are some construction, legal, registry or tax deficiencies. 
  • Professional price negotiation with the sellers, setting before your interests at all time. 
  • Processing the NIE (Número de Identificación de Extranjeros) on your behalf, a Spanish identification document that you will need to formalize the acquisition. 
  • Accompaniment to open a bank account in Spain, that you will need to transfer the money for purchase, for tax and supplies payment, etc. 
  • Advice and management for obtaining a mortgage with one of the best financial entities of Spain, in the case that you need this. 
  • Previous reading of the sell script, accompaniment to the notary office to sign it and how many other administrative, legal, notarial and financial managements were needed for ending the process without any trouble or annoyance for you. 
  • Any legal translations required along all the process, as well as qualified interpreter for the event of signing the script in the presence of the notary. 


The fees for that services can vary from 2% to 5% of the final acquisition price of the property, depending on the amount of that price, and must be paid in two phases: 1.- approximately the half coinciding with the sign of the PSI contract, for the provision of funds and calculated on the initial budget of the client; 2.- the rest after the signing of the script in the notary office, correcting it on the price really paid. The first amount will not be returned to the client if IspaniaDom had offered at least 10 properties mainly concordant with the characteristics specified in the contract and the client had rejected all of them. 

In addition to the basic services previously mentioned, IspaniaDon offer you a whole series of after-sale optional services, that will be paid separately and among which are: 

  • In the case that you have acquired land for building, we can provide you a viability and profitability study, architectures, surveyors, municipal and work permits, work teams and how many other managements or professionals were required to make your project true. 
  • If you have acquired a family home, you can order us all the after-sale procedures of an administrative nature (taxes, registration, cadastre, supplies, etc.), as well as to budget the reforms and improvements that the property needs or you want and hire the professionals required for doing them (masonry, painting, decoration, gardening, etc.). 
  • Control and supervision of the works mentioned before until they finish, so everything is to your liking. 
  • Integral management of the property acquired: maintenance, cleaning, surveillance, administration, taxation, etc. 
  • Full management of the renting of your new property in the case that you decide to dedicate it for this purpose. 
  • If your investment is over 500.000€ cash down, we can also transact your residence permit in Spain. 
  • Any other management or work that the property needs for having it always ready for you. You only need to notify us your coming some days before and enjoy your stay. 

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