Why Spain?

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In the last years is taking place a remarkable increasing of the tourists and investors coming from northern and eastern European countries, especially British, Scandinavian and Russian, who are interested in acquiring a property in Spain or enjoying their holidays in this country, in particular in the Mediterranean coast and Canary Islands. The reasons for this increasing interest are very diverse, but we can mention as more common the following: 

  • Because of its 3,000 sunny hours per year and annual rainfall lower than 500 l, virtually absent during all summer. 
  • Because of its middle temperatures between 16-18 ºC, with warm and pleasant winters. 
  • Because of its magnificent beaches, with fine sand and clean water, most of them awarded with the blue flag of the European Environmental Education Foundation. 
  • Because of its rich and delicious gastronomy, that doesn’t defraud even the most discriminating palates. 
  • Because of its interesting historical and artistic heritage, fruit of centuries of history and the multiple cultures that have passed along its land. 
  • Because of its ancestral traditions and popular festivals, deep-rooted in the Spanish culture. 
  • Because of the kindness and sympathy of its people, that make anybody feels like at home. 
  • Because of the facilities that Spanish Government is giving to foreign tourism and real estate investments in its territory (residence permits, streamlining of procedures, etc.) 
  • Because of the economic and real state crisis of the last years in Spain, that have put in the market a lot of pro-perties at very competitive prices. 

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